May 2018

And so, our year long Poetry Competition has come to an end. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part, we have honestly been astounded by the number of poets who have sent in their work, by the quality and range of the poetry, and delighted with the photos and art that have come along… it has been a truly fabulous Arty Farty activity.

This project was inspired by hearing some of the Crowbard poems at the Crowhurst News’ 30th birthday party in October 2016. He was a regular anonymous contributor from the early days of the village magazine who wrote a quirky and humorous column called “This and That”, often including original Crowhurst-specific poems. Local stalwart Norman Tucker was only revealed as the stealthy author after he died.

But we knew Crowhurst still had poets… and we were right! The competition was launched in February 2017 and ran until April 2018. Many of the poems were printed in the monthly village magazine, and and every single one is on here on the website, plus all the artwork in colour.

We received 107 poems over the fourteen months, securing our promised £1/poem (up to £100) donation to St Michael’s Hospice. On top of that, every penny of profit from the Poetry Night was added to the fundraising. The evening cleared £150 and a further £63 was donated to the buckets.

That’s  a £313 poetry contribution… wow, thank you and well done, everyone!

– Lorna

Quizzers and poets at the Poetry Night on 11 May 2018

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Crowhurst, East Sussex, UK. Competition Coordinator: Lorna Neville