crowhurst community arts emerged from the extraordinarily successful Millennium celebrations in Crowhurst – a triumph of fundraising, organising, creativity and collective endeavour. Teams came together, collaborations were built, talents were unearthed, and local people turned up in their droves. Hastings-based arts facilitators Same Sky led a week of art workshops in the Youth Club hut to make decorations and dragons; there was a procession, a feast, a whole-village photocall, fireworks and a mosaic garden by the Beaney bench as a permanent tribute.

After the party was over, there was still £1500 left in the pot, and it was decided to split this between sport and cultural projects: the Recreation Ground Pavilion was given a makeover and a new group was formed to continue the arty community spirit ethos. crowhurst community arts was born on 1 January 2001.

Since then, we have put on over one hundred events, some regular, some one-offs, some big, some intimate, lots of live music and touring theatre performances, lots of participative crafty activities, singing, fancy dress, learning, nature and cinema. Some are self-funding, some are fundraising, and sometimes we manage to secure grants from the Parish Council, the Fayre Committee, Broadstock or charitable trusts. There is no profit-making, there are no management costs, no staff and no wages. We’re all volunteers, mostly from the village, all joining in because we truly believe in the value of community arts. And because it’s great fun.



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