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Next up, we have a Literary Quiz and Poetry Night to mark the end of the poetry competition and raise some extra money for St Michael’s Hospice. Go on, gather a team, revise your Charles Dickens and J K Rowling, and join us for a bit of light-hearted quizzing and poetry readings. Get in touch to book a table.

Fundraising for St Michael’s Hospice – we will be making a £1/poem donation and we’re hoping to raise a bit extra at the Quiz & Poetry Night.

The Rude Mechanicals: Oberon’s Cure
Friday 27 July 2018

Picnic theatre on the Rec

In this prequel to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, an old goat of a fairy, Oberon, is not capable of resisting a beautiful young ‘ooman woman. But the waspish Hippolyta, running amok in the forest, is more than a match for him. Love is thwarted as the human and fairy worlds collide. But will it triumph in the end? A funny and at times deeply romantic play about how we deal with desire.


Further on in the year…
We’re taking June off, and then we’ll have the barbican string quartet on 22 July and the Rude Mechanicals on 27 July. Both superb events, both well worth a slot in your diary. Plus, we’ll be at the 1918 Remembrance Weekend on 14/15 July and at Broadstock on 21 July.
In September, we will a folk music night, then later we’ve got plans for a fancy dress film night, a Christmas crafty event and, of course, Carols at the pub. or 830158
Note new email address for enquiries and tickets.

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Answers to Literary Animals quiz questions in newsletter issue 39:

Literary dogs:

  1. Bullseye – Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens (1837-1839)
  2. Timmy – Five on a Treasure Island, Enid Blyton (1942)
  3. White Fang – White Fang, Jack London (1906)
  4. Montmorency – Three Men in a Boat, Jerome K Jerome (1889)

Literary rabbits:

  1. Fiver – Watership Down, Richard Adams (1972)
  2. Bigwig – Watership Down, Richard Adams (1972)
  3. Blackberry – Watership Down, Richard Adams (1972)
  4. General Woundwort – Watership Down, Richard Adams (1972)