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For 2004, we went cultural, making two local films, screening non-stop classic movies, and our first booking of live touring theatre…

af-film-big-picThe Crowhurst Film Festival: Film making Sept 2004 & Big Picture Show 9 Oct 2004

We secured the services of professional film maker and animator Sara Vaci to work on two local films, one with Year 6 pupils at the school and one with eager volunteers and would-be actors, writers, directors, camera operators and sound technicians  from the wider village.
The Crowhurst Welly Funny Story was filmed by a crew of about fifteen in the middle of September, with the pressure on for editing and production in time for screening in early October. In the meantime, Mrs Hewgill and her class were working on their animated film, The Four Seasons of a River.
The Big Picture Show was a whole day of films for every age. The morning films included Wallace and Gromit, Laurel and Hardy, Eric Sykes’ The Plank and It’s Your Move. The matinee show was Singing in the Rain, and the evening movie was Some Like It Hot.
At every performance we also showed our own two original films. Audiences of about 40 in the morning, 25 in the afternoon and 70 in the evening seemed to love them.

af-titfield-2004The Titfield Thunderbolt – 19 Nov 2004

For the first time in many years, we had professional live theatre in the village. The Third Space Touring Company from the Maltings Theatre at Farnham were touring venues across the south and Crowhurst was one of them.
It was a hugely enjoyable show with strong performances in a variety of roles by a cast of five and with ingenious effects (including the recreation of a large locomotive largely by the sounds of sandpaper on wood) and much audience participation. This was aided by the show being performed ‘in the round’ on the floor of the hall, with the audience on both sides of the performers. This enable bitter rivalry to be generated between the coach and the train supporters!





2005 2003