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In 2007, we had a fundraising quiz, The Rudes doing Enid Blyton, and four workshops on getting the best out of your digital camera…

af-quiz-night-apr-2007Quiz Night – 20 April 2007
As usual, our quiz compilers, Christine and Tony, gave us an intriguing, varied and always interesting set of subjects, together with a sophisticated scoring system to test your metal. Running throughout was a musical quiz to which we all lustily sang the answers to round off the evening. The winners in a closely fought contest were a team from Glyne Gap School. Many thanks to them and also to John and Brenda for providing the venue and refreshments.
The evening was judged a great success by all and provided over £200 towards forthcoming events.

af-rudes-2007The Rudes – Five Get Famous – 9 June 2007
Over 125 villagers enjoyed this hilarious production by the Rude Mechanicals on the School Field, on their third visit to Crowhurst. Given that this was only their second performance on a long thirty venue tour of South East England, the whole production was remarkably smooth. As usual, and in line with their commedia del’arte style, a small cast played a myriad of parts in a bewildering kaleidoscope of scenes, all at a frenetic pace but beautifully timed and judged, with that whiff of nostalgia for times lost which so often characterises their work.
As always with the Rudes, the comedy overlaid a serious message, on this occasion about attitudes to class and gender in the forties, and the innocence which accompanied it. The music was particularly fine in this production and added hugely to the enjoyment of the evening.
We have, of course, booked them for next year. They in turn have said how much they enjoy coming to Crowhurst, and how rewarding to them are the village venues they visit compared with the rather more impersonal larger town audiences.

– JS



2008 2006