Here are the poems received during February, some on the theme of Snowdrops and frost, some a little further flung…


I saw a little snowdrop
Bobbing in the breeze
All by itself in sunlight
Unaware of the freeze

I wanted to protect it
Looking so isolated and alone
And then I saw another
Keeping company not on its own

It looked so delicate
With its tiny green dot
This didn’t disfigure it
But gave it a beauty spot

How lucky we are these winter days
To have such beauty around
When all seems dark and dull
We find joy in our surrounds

– MS

Frost haiku

Crystals underfoot,
An overnight white delight.
Sun-kissed quickly gone.

Snowflake haiku

White platters floating,
Gentle gifts from winter sky,
Glinting in the sun.

– C. King

Mist on the marsh

Sometimes the morning mist
Rolls soft across the marsh
Shrouding the valley
As you descend the path.

A blanket of light cotton
A cloak of incognito
Always just ahead of you
Parting as you pass.

Distant views are filtered
Like a faded photograph
Everything white-tinted
A spectre of the past.

Birds are strangely slow
Songs wafting melancholy
Lingering in the clouds
Trapped in thickened air.

Then as the sun gains strength
The white takes on a brightness,
It burns, evaporates,
And glorious colour is restored.

– BD

An Edinburgh Student

When I was younger and full of fire,
Auld Reekie beckoned, academia keen.
A couple of Degrees I thought I’d acquire,
And save the world with credentials so green.

Copious studies I managed, land, sea and air,
Pints of Heavy consumed, Ceilidhs danced,
Arthur’s Seat raced up, with ne’er a care,
Student life up there, greatly enhanced.

Twenty-five years on, fire still burning,
The Seat still looms over Salisbury Crags,
The Alma mater, still the seat of learning?
Designer students, with designer bags!

It was good to go back, and the green flames burn hotter,
But for student life I’m not as willing,
I’d rather follow the trail of Harry Potter,
Than sink a gallon of Eighty Shilling!

– Paul Johnson

The Magic Wand

In among the long grass,
By the garden pond,
Lives a little green frog,
With a magic wand.

The wand is very special,
It has a star on top,
When little frog waves it,
The water goes plip,plop.

My Picture

I drew a little picture,
For you all to see,
It has a lot of colours,
Some sort of yellowie.

I gave it to my grandma,
And she put it on her wall,
Now everyone can see it,
When they come to call.

– Sue Laye

All forms of poetry are welcome and you can write about anything you like, in any form you like, and accompanying original artwork is more than welcome. The suggested theme for next time is Family, friends and community, but as always, anything you like.


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