November 2017 poems

November 2017

Here are the poems received during November…

Know them by heart

I swam across the ocean
And found myself with a man.
He picked me up slowly
And stood me up still as he can.
He took me to a place,
A place where all children stayed
To keep them safe from danger.
He told the nurse to look after me
While he’s gone, and we all played.
He was a kind man
Who is a hero from the Army
And saved all the people he can.

So know them by heart
Because if you break them apart
They won’t come back.
Know them by heart,
They won’t leave you in a cart,
They’ll keep you safe from attack.
You can feel their love,
You can see their souls.
Sometimes you can see digging up some coals
To use for the journey of the War.

The man came back, but with a serious wound.
The nurse came and saw what happened.
She tried everything but it won’t heal soon.
So I came with a bandage and wrapped it slowly on his arm,
I’ve made sure he’ll be fine,
While nothing comes to harm.
The man said “You are a kind girl,
Thank you for making me better.”
The nurse said “You’ll become a nurse soon,
I’ll send you a letter.”

So know them by heart,
You will see the start
Of a hero yourself.
Know them by heart,
You will be smart,
You can join the Army and give the poor some health.
You can feel the thoughts, you can find them.
If you have the hope of loyalty, courage and love to all,
Your name will be on the wall.

So know them by heart.
Know them by heart.
So know them by heart.

– Star Thomson (age 12)

The fallow field

There is a field, a fallow field
No ploughshares cut for many a year
No toxic liquid has been absorbed
For this is a place, a magical place
Where time has just stood still.

It’s a legacy from the past
Where Mother Nature reigns supreme
Her magic spell is cast,
Where ladybirds swing on poppy stems
And field mice scuttle past.

Bumblebees flit from flower to flower
To make their pollen mix
They visit many in the hour
The blooms are always fresh
Never are they sour.

So here for a while I’ll stay
In this place so rare
So few such places still remain
For these we must take care.

– Corvus Wood

I’m hungry

A tribute to Daisy, our old Goldie – Selwyn and Juliet

Good morning Daisy, want a wee
not just yet, can’t you see
    I’m hungry

Home from shops, met with a wag
that’s enough fuss, what’s in the bag
    I’m hungry

Mid day comes, I have a hunch
it’s bonio time, it’s time for lunch
    I’m hungry

 Another kip, then in doggy talk
it’s time for dins, before my walk
    I’m hungry

It’s time for bed, she says yawning
I’ll dream of breakfast in the morning
    cos I’m still hungry !!

– Selwyn Whitehead

 – Painting of Daisy by Juliet Moth

An alien in the bath

There’s an alien in the bath!
An alien in the bath!
A great big orange, pink and hairy
Alien in the bath!

He’s using all my bubbles,
He’s splashing on the floor,
He’s making such a lot of mess,
I think I’ll shut the door!

– Sue Laye


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