September 2017 poems

September 2017

Here are the poems received during September…

Festival eve

Not a leaf stirs in the calm of night,
Brock shuffles through Ferny undergrowth.
Giant webs glint in the faintest of light,
Awaiting a monster to love or to loathe.

Viking camp ready for tool, craft and fire,
Curved tree on guard, silent sentinel.
Owl shrieks out, nocturnal crier,
Then silence envelopes the Enchanters’ Dell.

Comforts abound in Toad’s Gypsy abode,
Anticipating laughter, music and art.
Tribute to woodlands, greatly owed,
Love of nature nourishing heart.

Settling down for a restful doze,
A question abruptly comes to me.
As booming resounds, disturbing repose,
Why park this ‘van ‘neath a Chestnut tree!!!???

Paul Johnson (sleeping in Bruce’s caravan on the night before the Woodland Arts Festival)

Our turn now

The gods of yore are true no more,
They are no longer needed;
After centuries of chaos
They may now be superseded.

Sadly, each has many fans,
Reluctant to perceive
That we are now all wiser
Than the ancients so naive.

They knew so very little
Of the knowledge we enjoy,
But imagined gods and angels
And insisted on the ploy.

For many generations
The people were misled
Until scientists and logic
Showed some clarity instead.

But eons of bad habits
are not easy to delete
When the world is full of charlatans
And bullies and deceit.

Perhaps the time has now arrived
For change to come about
For the climate is a-changing
And we need a bail out.

The gods and angels had their chance
And much good they have done
So it’s down to human effort
For the job to be begun.

Avoiding our extinction
Will need all to do their bit
For gods, with all their differences
Will hardly manage it.

– Ian Gordon

A little spaceman

I know a little spaceman
Who lives on planet Mars.
That’s a planet far away
Up amongst the stars.

He often comes to visit me
When he has the time,
And tomorrow he is coming
At about half past nine.

He likes to come inside my house
And play with all my toys,
And when we’re having lots of fun
We make a lot of noise.

My little finger

I hurt my little finger,
I squashed it in the door,
It made me feel unhappy,
And was very, very sore.

My Daddy found a bandage
To wrap my finger in.
It made me feel much better
So I said thank you to him.

– Sue Laye

My imaginary friend

Have you met my imaginary friend?
She’s fierce and loyal, her tail has no end.
She stands beside me every single day,
Tall and strong and always ready for play.
She walks me to school when I am hurried,
She’s in the classroom when I feel worried.
She flicks her wild whiskers when I don’t know,
She growls with confidence I cannot show.
The spikes on her neck rise when I feel sad,
Her nostrils blow fire to make me feel glad.
If someone at playtime makes me feel small,
Her spots start to glow and I become tall.
When I join the line to go into the school,
She thumbs up her talons and makes me cool.
Then at dinner time, she looks at my plate,
She hoovers the leftovers so I’m not late.
At P.E. when I fret that I won’t get picked,
She pokes out her tongue and they all get licked.
If I think I’m a little bit lonely,
She gives me a hug where the scales aren’t phoney.

Have you met my imaginary friend?
She’s fierce and loyal, her kindness no end.
She might be a funny shape with funny skin,
But she makes me feel strong in the skin that I’m in.
So if one day you feel a bit low,
Look next to me and she will know.
I can share my imaginary friend,
She’s cool and strong, her tail has no end.

– Ella F.

Horn of Plenty haiku

Black Trumpet treasure,
Fungi dotted woodland floor.
Foragers’ delight.

Acorn haiku

Bullets falling down,
Green ellipse with half-cup crown.
Future mighty oaks.

Horse Chestnut haiku

Soft bright Spring lanterns
Fierce, spiky spheres by Autumn
Hiding round brown jewels.

– C. King



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