Terms & Conditions

  • Entry is free and open to anyone and you can enter as many times as you like.
  • Entries should be submitted to crowhurstpoetry@gmail.com or at Crowhurst Village Market (first Saturday of the month except Jan & Aug) or at any Crowhurst Community Arts events or delivered to 1 Brookside Cottages.
  • Entrants must include name & contact details. This information will be held by the competition coordinator only and will be treated in accordance with Data Protection principles (it will not be shared or used for any other reason).
  • The author’s name will be published with the poem unless a pseudonym is preferred and clearly stated.
  • Entrants for the under 18 categories should include their age, which will be included in publication.
  • On submitting a poem, entrants are confirming that it is their own work.
  • We reserve the right to edit or truncate (without altering the essence) or to not include items that are considered inappropriate for any reason or are not in accordance with the Crowhurst News Editorial Policy.
  • A selection of entries will be published in the Crowhurst News each month; not all entries will necessarily be published in the Crowhurst News in the month they are received; some may be published in later editions (subject to the above); entries will be published on the website within approximately one month of receipt (subject to the above).
  • Entries can be made at any time throughout the year but we hope to receive some every month; multiple entries are welcome.
  • We welcome original artwork, drawings or photography to accompany entries; please do not use images from the internet that might infringe copyright. We cannot guarantee to publish artwork; we cannot guarantee to return hard copies.
  • Shortlisting will take place after the closing date of 18/02/18; members of Crowhurst Community Arts who have submitted entries will not participate in shortlisting.
  • The shortlist will be displayed at the March 2018 Village Market and will be available on the website.
  • Voting will be open to anyone.
  • Paper voting will be available at the March 2018 Village Market; online and email voting will be detailed on the website when the shortlist is confirmed; voting deadline 18/03/18.
  • Winners will be announced on 01/04/18, online and in the April 2018 Crowhurst News.
  • Prizes/Categories: The prize for the adult category will be a poetry book; there will be two junior categories, each with a first prize of £20, second prize of £10 and third prize of £5.
  • A Crowhurst Community Arts donation of £1 per entry (capped at £100) will be made to St Michael’s Hospice by the end of April 2018.
How to enter crowhurst community arts